Couple Therapy (Couple Counselling)

A satisfying and lasting couple relationship always involves emotional work, and conflict is an inevitable part of this. If this conflict can be worked through, deepened intimacy and trust can result. Where for one reason or another couples are not able to resolve their conflict and persistent communication break-down and reduced intimacy occur, couple therapy can be helpful.

Couple therapy provides a forum in which with help from the therapist, each partner can explore their perceptions of the other and of themselves within the relationship, both of which may have become narrowed and fixed. The process includes the exploration of feared emotion and emotional expression in both partners. A clearer and more nuanced perception of the other and a renewed intimacy can result. In some cases this clarity might lead to a decision to change the nature of the relationship including a decision to separate.

My approach is informed both by object relations theory and by ISTDP. It includes an engaged therapist stance in which the couple are invited to take an active part in exploring previously avoided issues and emotions.

Couple therapy sessions are attended by both partners with full mutual agreement. They are one hour in length.